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Have you ever studied English?
How many years?
• Write the correct form:
1- I/ You/ He is happy
2- Hello, I'm Mike and this is/ are/ be my wife, Joan
3- There be/ are/ is many restaurants in London.
4- He lives not/ not lives/ doesn't live in London. He lives in Bath.
5- Are you/ do you/ is you enjoying the concert?
6- Forget not/ don't forgetting/ don't forget your passport!
7- Have you ever been/ have you been ever/ have you ever went to Australia?
8- I have watched a programme interesting/an interesting programme/interesting a programme on TV
9- We a house in France bought/in France a house bought/bought a house in France
10- Whose/ Who's/ Who books are those?
11- They have a flat on/ in/ at the second floor
12- I always go skiing at/ on/ in the winter
13- Paris is an/ the/ a European city.
14- There are two men/ mans/ man in the car
15- That/ This/ These meal was wonderful
16- Steve and his/ her/ him wife left an hour ago.
17- How much museum/ How many museums/ How many museum did you visit?
18- I want to learn Japanese but/ or/ so I'm going to start classes next month
19- Madrid isn't/ not is/ wasn't in Portugal, it's in Spain.
20- Do you be/ Is you/ Are you hungry? Shall I make you a sandwich?
21- Juliet watches/ watch/ watchs TV every evening
22- I likes/ am liking/ like your new car. Where have you bought it?
23- To be/ be/ being careful! It's very dangerous
24- She haven't finished/ hasn't finished/ not have finished her homework
25- Can Steve play/ Can Steve plays/ Does Steve can play the guitar?
26- Who/ What/ How many film did you watch last night?
27- I play football one month/ twice a month/ twice month